Odyssey Angels Inspiration

Where the story started. . .
A group of middle school students on an Odyssey of the Mind team from the Burton School District in California has been receiving accolades for combining its creative problem solving skills with public service. Over the past years, they've helped numerous friends and classmates overcome physical disabilities through their creative inventions.The team used its ingenuity to build a mechanical arm so a fellow student could write without pain for the first time. Another project was helping a classmate achieve his dreams of being in the school's marching band. This was no small task -- their classmate was quadriplegic. They fitted his wheelchair with a special device that allowed him to play the cymbals with the tap of his fingers. Behind this generous and inspiring team is seasoned coach Todd "Hoss" McNutt who knows the importance of letting teams triumph over their mistakes in order to become great problem-solvers.

Both the team and its coach have received awards within Odyssey of the Mind and they continue to be an inspiration to all.

The team has continued its work and now represent Summit Charter Collegiate Academy.