Be a hero in your community!

The worldwide community often proves its ability to work together to help those suffering from a major disaster. While this generosity is important, too often those suffering in our neighborhoods get overlooked. Whether it’s an elderly woman needing help carrying her groceries, or a family struggling to pay their bills, someone needs help right in our backyards. Unfortunately, they may not receive any without the benefit of the world stage.

The Odyssey Angels program wants to challenge you to use your unique creative problem-solving abilities to help some aspect of your community that would otherwise be overlooked. In return, one team will be selected to attend World Finals to present how it helped its community.

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Congratulations to Barrel of Makers from Wilmington, Delaware. The group will present its project at the 2015 World Finals. Not only did it come up with a way to help disabled students in the area to express their own creativity, the group learned and taught STEM skills, plus used a ton of teamwork.

They learned how to build, use, and implement Drawbots so that disabled students could use them to create art. After studying and building, the team volunteered their time with students with disabilities and taught them how to use the machines. Barrel of Makers worked hard so that fellow students felt included during class where drawing was required. In doing so, the group opened up new avenues of creative thought and expression for those that could never have that experience before.

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