2015-2016 Odyssey Angels

The Radford University Awesome Box Costume Squad from Virginia built fun, creative, and totally custom/useable Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes for local children in wheelchairs. As news of the costumes spread in their community, other costume challenges became available such as making a Christmas Sleigh for the Children’s Wing of a local hospital and more.

The Radford Angels showed that they can use their creative and inexpensive Odyssey costuming skills for a wonderful purpose. They gave children the opportunity to enjoy the same fun and excitement during these holidays as kids without disabilities. Not only did they feel a new type of “normal” they were stars of the neighborhoods in the Awesome Box costumes. The connection the Radford team made with each family was also special as they really took the time to go into each child’s home, learn about all the different ways the costumes should work with various disabilities and wheelchairs, as well as to make a real connection with the children as they learned about their likes, dislikes, and costume dreams!

Thank you Radford University students for making disabled children in your area feel special and for showing just how creative you can be at the same time!