2011-2012 Odyssey Angels

2011-12 Odyssey Angels:  Pinetree Secondary School members with OA Director Cheryl Micklus at WF.


The group used its creativity to help Joe Roberts of the Push for Change Campaign to raise money and awareness for homeless youth. Roberts plans to push a shopping cart across Canada – but could you imagine pushing a shopping cart for that many miles? It is often hard to maneuver one through a simple grocery store. This is where the Pinetree Secondary School group members used their creativity and engineering skills to design a cart that could accommodate such a feat. It had to be lightweight, have an odometer, be wind and rain resistant, and more. Their design exceeded all expectations and Roberts used it for his project. The cart they designed will travel over 5,000 miles through all types of terrain.

Aside from using their creativity to help build this innovative cart, the Pinetree members also spent weeks working on other aspects for the Push for Change. They decided to use the powerful influence of social media in order to get donations for the cause as well as created a weekly television broadcast during homeroom at their school so that news would spread in their community.

Joe Roberts was so impressed that he even traveled to Iowa and helped to present the group with its award at Opening Ceremonies. Here he spoke about the great work the group did and acknowledged Pinetree Odyssey Angels as the beginning of Push for Change's legacy. Pinetree also gave presentations at the Creativity Festival to show others the hard work they’ve done over the year.

Watch the group's presentation & learn more about Push for Change.