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Odyssey of the Mind is fortunate to have participants that are not only creative, but also caring. Throughout the years, teams have inspired others by the genuine care and generosity they’ve shown teammates and competitors. Odyssey teams also learn how to look at problems differently.

This is why Odyssey Angels is bound to be a success. There are often people or organizations suffering that would not otherwise be given help because they are simply overlooked. This is where an Odyssey Angel can help.

The rules are simple:

  • Find anything within your community that needs help.
  • Form a team with anyone who wants to become an Odyssey Angel. Only one member has to be affiliated with Odyssey of the Mind. There are also no size limits for teams. You can enroll until December 1 of that program year.
  • Create a plan and implement it.
  • Submit your project on this website and its results by the date determined.
  • While all volunteers and communities will be the true winners — one team will be selected to attend World Finals and present the results of its project.

Now is the chance to take note of someone that could benefit from a creative, caring friend. Your group can have as many people as you wish. It could be a class project, a family activity, or a solo mission!